Because of your involvement in the Whalebone Magazine 3rd Annual Photo Contest Presented by B&H you directly helped contribute to a donation of over $10,000 to No Kid Hungry, helping to provide healthy basic food needs for children and families who could not afford otherwise. You can continue supporting No Kid Hungry as well as the photographers at The Print Shop.
Grand Prize Winner:
Dane Grady

Eri Ragan
Filip Zuan

Honorable Mentions:
Andrea Martin
Brian Shannon
Dane Grady
Ian Deveau
Jason Stephens
John Webster
Kodi Hadrick
Matt Neustadter
Shane Keena
Shane Keena
Tom Baker
Tony Palmer
Warren Keelan
Austin McDonald
Jim Golden
Kaushiik Subramaniam
Mariana Alejos
Paul Greene
Paul Greene
Ryland West
Gabriel LHeureux
Daniel Pullen
Jakob Lilja-Ruiz
Grand Prize Winner:
Heather WIlson

Kristina Clowers
CleoSun Honore

Honorable Mentions:
Carlos Estevan
Gabrielle Joseph
David Moreno
Joanne Ching
Mark Gruenhaupt
Rachel Tobias
Scott Russell
Shelbie Moore
Sushil Chikane
Andrew McNeil
Ashley Allen
Brian Clopp
Jennie Ross
Jimmie Lin
Kory Bumgardner
Luis Ortega Flores
Ted Harmon
Thomas Irwin
Gabriel LHeureux
Mark McInnis
Daniel Pullen
Zay Yar Lin
Grand Prize Winner:
Fabien Dendiével

Tal Roberts
Michael Borchard

Honorable Mentions:
Ashley Knott
Benj Story
Brie Paulsen
Christie Fitzpatrick
Cicia Ren
Cinzia Reale-Castello
Corey Brindley
Enda Burke
Fabien Dendiével
Francesca Grima
Griffin Malone
João Mendes
Katharine Kollman
Michele Hamparian
Moreno Sudaro
Savvas Panayiotou
Taylor Davis
Walter Coker
Anthony Renna
Michael Borchard
Alok Avinash
Ann Vu Nguyen
Attiken Vega
Dominick Ducote
Malcolm Leppard
Kirsten Bode
Alexander Schneider
Salman Albanna
Grand Prize Winner:
Kenny Cousins

Malik Edwards
Hardijanto Budiman

Honorable Mentions:
Dan Martland
Ehrin Davis
Emily Fisher
Jake Murie
JoMando Cruz
Jonathan Banks
Joseph Gulizia
Kaarina Mackenzie
Michaela Vatcheva
Mithail Afrige Chowdhury
Richard Molnar
Claire Tadeo
Juan Lamarca
Kirby Betancourt
Madison Jung
Marco Lobo De Ornellas
Muhammad Mostafigur Rahman
Nick Rufo
Jo Savage
Lottie Lawrence
Waqar Ahmad
Grand Prize Winner:
Whitney Whitehouse

Paul Greene
Kaychel Ann Espaldon

Honorable Mentions:
Andrew Peacock
Christie Fitzpatrick
Debdatta Chakraborty
Jake Warner
Jared Jurcak
Joe Howard
Joseph Linton
Justin Emord
Nick Dotson
Patricio Nahuelhual
Travis Kauffman
Alok Avinash
Grace Cameron
Justin Kauffman
Luka Culig
Muhammad Mostafigur Rahman
Shivesh Ram
cole ferguson
Lakshitha Karunarathna
$35,000 in cash prizes

r each category:
There are five categories in the Whalebone Magazine 3rd Annual Photo Contest Presented by B&H and you can enter as many as you like, so that means five chances for you to win the top prize in each category, but you can also enter as many photos as you like in each category so that pretty much means, and we’re not mathematicians here, but, carry the one and you get… more than six chances.

It’s $5 to enter and the grand prize in each category is $5,000 smackers or schmeckles or clams or whatever the kids are calling them these days. Two additional finalists in each category will also win $500. Honorable mentions in each category will receive $50. Contest winners will also be featured in the 2022 Photo Issue of Whalebone Magazine.

The rules and all of the things the lawyers made us put in can be found here.

A portion of proceeds are headed to No Kid Hungry.

Atiba Jefferson

World-Renowned Photographer

From staff photographer for the LA Lakers and capturing some of the most memorable moments in Kobe & Shaq's careers to the streets of NYC shooting the Supreme skate team, Atiba has captured hundreds of iconic moments in pop culture.

Nakyung Han

Photo Editor at The New York Times

Nakyung handles a mix of Page One, Climate and whatever else that needs doing each day at the New York Times.

Ben Thouard

Leading Ocean Photographer

A French photographer specialized in taking photos of the ocean, the waves, the surf and the underwater world. By shooting the gigantic 20 meter high waves at Tahiti, Ben conveys the beauty of nature and the bravery of surfers looking to conquer the ocean.

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